Guaranteed Health For Your Puppy

For your new puppy, we offer a variety of guarantees.

When you adopt a puppy from us, our relationship continues after the puppy is delivered to you! We do everything in our power to guarantee the health of each puppy. However, puppies are living things, so there is always a chance that they will get sick. By taking preventative measures, we try to prevent that. Every pup has customary veterinarian tests and immunizations while they are in our consideration. The strength of our young doggies are vital to us even after they are taken to their permanent spot to live, that is the reason assuming your new doggy turns out to be sick, we assurance to attempt to make it right.

Each puppy comes with a free viral guarantee for twenty days. What’s more, we offer a reasonable long term hereditary wellbeing ensure with clinical vet bills paid and a discretionary long term Little dog Forever ensure for procurement!

Your Responsibilities

Delivering a cute, furry baby to their new forever home is the best feeling ever. We ask you to take some preventative measures to ensure that your puppy is healthy and will live a long and happy life because we want to keep you and your puppy happy.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Within three working days, take your puppy to a veterinarian who is certified. (A licensed veterinarian must conduct the examination.)
  2. Keep and maintain a copy of the exam or medical record results. The guarantee might be void if the veterinarian visit is not made within three days of receiving the puppy. Because of unforeseen circumstances, vet appointments occasionally cannot be made any sooner than three days in advance. If this is the case, all we ask is that you get in touch with us so that we can update the data on your puppy in our database.
  3. Note: Your puppy will come with up-to-date vaccinations and will be de-wormed, In order to avoid giving your puppy an additional vaccine during the first ten days, make sure to follow your veterinarian’s instructions. Up until the animal is 16 weeks old or older, as advised by the veterinarian, the new owner is responsible for continuing the proper deworming and monthly examinations.
  4. Keep proof of the healthcare and maintenance records or your dog, including shots and examinations in your private records.

Exceptions To The Lifetime Guarantee

We cannot promise your puppy’s temperament, conformation, constitution, final weight, coloration, markings, or breeding potential once it is an adult.

  • Grades 1 or 2 heart murmurs are not dangerous to your puppy and are not covered by this guarantee. Since your puppy is still a baby and its body is still developing, these grades of murmurs are typically temporary.
  • Only one year is covered for hip dysplasia.
  • Spaying, neutering, or testicles that have not descended are not covered by this guarantee.
  • This 12-year warranty is a credit that can be used to buy another puppy.
  • The guarantee will be void if you are unable to provide evidence of your puppy’s timely vaccinations and/or regular veterinary care.

12 Year Puppy Forever Guarantee

12 Year Puppy Forever Guarantee
The 12 Year Puppy Forever Guarantee offers you a 100% store credit within the first year if your puppy unexpectedly dies from a genetic or hereditary disorder. You are entitled to a 50% store credit toward the cost of adopting a new puppy if the death occurs in grades two through twelve. A certified pathologist will attest to the cause of death. At the checkout, be sure to select this option.

Additional Adoption Details

  • Vaccines – Your new puppy will be up to date on vaccines. Vaccine schedules may vary but generally every puppy has at least two basic 5 way vaccines which protect against Parvo, Distemper, Adeno types 1 & 2 and Parainfluenza.
  • Vet Checked – Per state law and before shipping or local pickup your puppy is vet checked by a licensed veterinarian. If you puppy is being delivered the puppy will have a certified health certificate.
  • De-wormed – Every puppy is de-wormed at least once. From time to time it may be necessary to de-worm your puppy one or two more times. This is fairly common and considered maintenance and not covered under the guarantee
  • Microchip Activated With Amber Alert – Your puppy will already have a microchip safely embedded in him or her. This microchip will be automatically registered to your name and address. This service is free for life and does not require a monthly membership fee. When you receive your paperwork we recommend that your login to the microchip Petkey account to name your puppy and update your puppy’s profile with a picture of your puppy. Our microchip service comes with a 15 mile amber alert in the case a puppy gone missing. Every vet practice, rescue, and shelter will be notified within 15 miles that your puppy is missing. A great way to make sure you puppy is found safe, sound, and quickly.
  • FREE Online Puppy Training – As an extra value added service Petkey also offers a comprehensive puppy training video library. Simply login to view the video library.
  • FREE Over The Phone Puppy Training 
  • FREE 20 Day Viral Guarantee – Our 20 day viral guarantee includes any viral illness such as puppy colds. We will cover up to $500 towards, medications, x-rays, or any other veterinarian service related to the viral illness.
  • 2 Year Genetic Guarantee Available –Our 2 year genetic health guarantee covers your puppies heart, lungs, kidneys, hips, knees, and any most other genetic health issues. We will cover up to 100% of the purchase price of your new puppy toward medical bills. The only exception to this guarantee that is not covered are non-lifestyle altering genetic issues such as open fontanels, low grade heart murmurs, low grade patella issues, and or dental issues.
  • 12 Year Puppy Forever Guarantee Available – If your puppy was to pass away due to a genetic issue that is covered under this guarantee, you would receive a 100% credit in the first year, and a 50% credit in years two through twelve towards the purchase of a new puppy. Heaven forbid this should happen, but rest assured your investment is safe.
  • Vet Checked With Health Certificate – Every puppy is vet checked healthy. If you puppy is being shipped out to you your puppy will include a certified health certificate.
  • Starter Food and Vitamin Kit – Included with your puppy is a basic food and vitamin kit which includes a small bag of food, and a syringe with a high calorie vitamin.